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Canton Police looking for public input in a survey


A police department in northeast Missouri is looking for ways to improve and is asking the public for help.

The department is handing out a survey that residents can fill out to judge how well the officers are doing. 

Residents said police are very active in the community and said at one time or another, they have interacted with an officer. 

"We had trouble with a stray cat and an officer came." explained resident Tina Hartman. "I guess he was kind of a hateful cat and my youngest grand daughter got scratched but he was very nice because my granddaughter is going, where are you taking him. I said he's taking him to his house because he's going to take care of him."

It's moments like that that make the job worth it for Canton Police Chief Ryan Crandell.

He said he wants his police department to have that kind of relationship with the public which is why the city is conducting an anonymous survey to get feedback from the community about the department.

"This will be an ideal way to A, get the people involved with what we do and let their voices be heard on things they're concerned about." said Crandell.

Crandell said while he hopes to hear about what the department is doing right, he said he needs to know where they can get better.

"I'm hoping to get not just gleaming reports," he said. "I want something we can work on. Something that hopefully we can improve and make this town better within the next five years."

Hartman said she's glad to see officers taking initiative to enhance the department "That they're trying and that they're interested in trying to see what needs to be improved on and what they have done well."

Surveys will be mailed out to residents in the next couple of weeks.

A focus group is scheduled for Thursday May 10th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the Canton R-V Media Room. 

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