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Blessing makes donation toward Bill Klingner Trail expansion plan

A section of the Bill Klingner Trail. A section of the Bill Klingner Trail.
Bikers using the trail. Bikers using the trail.
A section of the trail. A section of the trail.

The Bill Klingner Trail is about to get bigger. 

Due to a $100,000 donation from Blessing Health System Wednesday, a plan is now in place to make the trail even longer. 

People use the Bill Klingner Trail to exercise every day. Quincy Resident Kevin Stratton enjoys the opportunity it gives him to get out of the house when he's not working. 

"It's convenient, it's safe, it's pretty," Stratton said. "It runs along the creek, its just very nice. You can stop at the bridges and just stop and take a look at nature."

The Blessing Health System agrees and wants to see even more people out using the trail. Blessing CEO Maureen Kahn says the donation stems from the hospital's goals and objectives, one of those being to prevent obesity in the community.

"We took our community benefit dollars and put it toward creating a place for people to be able to walk, ride their bikes, or even jog or run in a very safe way, so they're not out on the streets," Kahn said.

The plan is to extend the trail from 18th street to 24th street, which is just one step closer to reaching the long term goal of extending it all the way out to 36th street,

 While a four-mile run on the trail is often on Stratton's mind, he said the expansion will also keep his overall fitness in check.

"Exercise, staying in shape.. I'm 51 years old, so you have to do everything you can to try and keep your youth with you a little bit longer," Stratton said. 

This part of the extension plan is a big one, as it will also connect to some of the parks around Quincy, like Riverfront Park and Bob Mayes Park. 

With plans to extend the trail in place since 2013, the end is near. The parks department hopes to have this phase of the extension open to the public by this September, with a future goal of 2024 in mind for the completion of the entire trail.

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