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Actor John Mahoney's memorabilia to be auctioned by his family

Dan Sullivan, nephew of John Mahoney, shows items that will be auctioned. Dan Sullivan, nephew of John Mahoney, shows items that will be auctioned.
Signed script books by John Mahoney for the auction. Signed script books by John Mahoney for the auction.
A picture of John Mahoney and the dog Eddie" on set. A picture of John Mahoney and the dog Eddie" on set.
A vase used on set in the sitcom "Frasier." A vase used on set in the sitcom "Frasier."
Photos of John Mahoney ready to be auctioned off. Photos of John Mahoney ready to be auctioned off.

An award-winning actor has strong roots in the Tri-States.

Actor John Mahoney, or better known as "Martin Crane" on the NBC sitcom "Frasier" is the uncle of the family who runs Sullivan Auctioneers in Hamilton, Illinois. 

Mahoney was a Quincy College graduate and was an instructor at Western Illinois University. The auction of his belongings and memorabilia are being put on by his family, and is bringing back some memories.

"You can't really put a price on some of these items, because it's not what you typically sell every day," Mahoney's nephew, Dan Sullivan, said.

Sullivan is planning his next big auction around his famous uncle.

"They needed to dispose of his articles in his Oak Park, Illinois apartment, so naturally being our uncle, we're having the sale for him," Sullivan said.

The auction will have memorabilia from the highlights of his acting career on the show "Frasier," giving people the chance to bid on things seen on set, signed script books of the final episode, photos and some personal items. 

The family has been here going through items and preparing for the auction for the past three weeks, and it's bringing back some memories. 

"His character, being around him, I wasn't around him very much, but when you were, he was just always so happy and just so vibrant and just the way he laughed and the way he talked and told stories," Mahoney's great niece, Paige Wollbrink, said.

For "Frasier" fans, there's plenty of items and pictures to choose from. 

"It's funny to hear Uncle John talk about the dog Eddie, because it actually didn't like him," Sullivan said. "The dog trainer always stood behind him and would do whatever the trainer did. It's always funny to hear the stories."

Memorabilia from the television show “Frasier”

  • RARE Chihuly signed orange and green blown-glass vase. A Chihuly vase was a fixture on the “Frasier” set. To celebrate the 100th episode of the show, artist Dale Chihuly gave Mr. Mahoney this vase.
  • (11) Original Paramount “Frasier” scripts dated March 22, 2004, for the final May 13, 2004, Season 11 show entitled, “Goodnight, Seattle.” The majority are autographed and accompanied with a handwritten note to John from Xochitl L. Olivas, who was an assistant to the producer of Frasier.
  • Original Paramount “Frasier” script dated March 20, 2000, with an air date of May 18, Season 7 show. Inscription to John and autographed by Christopher Lloyd and Joe Keenan.
  • Paramount script covers, beginning with the first episode “The Good Son” through the last show “Goodnight, Seattle.”
  • RARE Hardback Paramount Season 1, Episode 1, Frasier script book entitled, “The Good Son,” dated April 29, 1993, and aired September 16. Inscribed to John and autographed by Peri Gilpin who played Roz on the show.
  • Nice selection of original photographs from the set, majority nicely matted and framed.
  • 15”x 18” Caricature drawing of main actors and actresses from the show. Autographed and numbered by the artist, Al Hirschfeld.
  • “The Hollywood Reporter” magazine dated May 13, 2014, with Frasier crew on the front page.
  • “Daily Variety” magazine dated May 13, 2004, with the Frasier Crew on the front page.
  • Other various items from the show.

Awards, Artwork and Memorabilia from other television shows, movies and plays

  • 2012 “Lookingglass Spirit Award” presented by the Chicago Theatre Community.
  • 1997 “Chicago Film Critics Award” with glass design of the city.
  • 2001 “Tony Award Winning Actor” presented by the Irish Wall of Fame, Newport Beach, CA.
  • 1986 “The Clarence Derwent Award” glass paperweight.
  • 1985 Theater World Award for “Outstanding New Talent” hand-sculpted iron theatre mask (approx. 7” tall)
  • 2004 “Distinguished Service Award” recognizing his outstanding contribution to the arts, presented by Lawyers for the Creative Arts.
  • TV Guide featuring John, David Hyde Pierce, Kelsey Grammer, and the dog Eddie.
  • A framed poster of the “The Drawer Boy” signed by Louis Cancelmi and Paul Vincent O’Connor.
  • 2005 photograph of the play “The Drawer Boy” featuring the entire cast.
  • 2014 “The St. Augustine Award” for the John Mahoney Foundation, with gratitude Alexian Brothers Foundation
  • Large 72” x 54” painting on canvas of a gentleman in a “thinking position.”
  • Framed movie poster entitled “Connemara by Paul Henry,   Ireland This Year.”
  • French “Un Livre” colorful 35”x 50” framed poster depicting a hardback book.
  • Lac D’Annecy travel poster, view of water, boats and mountains.
  • 25” x 36” oil painting resembling John Mahoney, in a gilded frame.
  • Plus numerous other pieces of memorabilia featuring John!

Mission Style and Contemporary Furniture

  • Stickley oak gentleman’s wardrobe, double side-by-side doors, 9 pigeon holes above and 5 drawers below. Beautiful piece of modern Stickley!
  • Stickley oak armchair. Also another nice, modern piece of Stickley with stamp and label!
  • Stickley mahogany sofa table, 30” tall x 16” deep x 54” long, stamped Stickley.
  • Stickley mahogany single-drawer stand table with 45-degree angle corners with inlays stamped and tagged, 27” tall x 17” deep x 24” long. Another nice, modern piece of Stickley furniture.
  • Oak mission style cabinet with glass door & 3 small leaded glass sections at the top, very nice, small, cabinet with a lot of eye appeal (58” tall x 28 ½ wide x 13” deep), not marked, but believed to also be a modern piece of Stickley furniture.
  • Hall tree with shaped mirror, coat/hat hooks and 2 solid doors below, 75” tall and purchased at Pottery Barn.
  • Large high-boy chest with 4 side-by-side drawers above and 3 full-sized drawers below, 55” tall, purchased at Pottery Barn.
  • Couples dresser with matching 3 drawers on each side and accompanied by a matching nightstand, purchased at Pottery Barn.
  • (Double-wall corner) Office desk with (2) 2-drawer file cabinets used to support the table, color white and yet another known piece purchased at Pottery Barn.
  • Contemporary low-profile entertainment center, made to accompany a flatscreen TV, dovetailed corners, mission style motif, only 24” tall x 24” deep x 69.5” long and matching, in-between recliners, couples end table.
  • Coffee table with slat bottom section, mfg. by Maria Yie.
  • Coffee table 16” tall x 29.5” deep x 46” long, mfg. by Maria Yie.
  • Walter of Wabash 45” diameter table with (2) 20” leaves and 4 matching chairs with leather seats and backs.
  • Contemporary art-deco 42” diameter table with chrome pedestal and (2) chairs with red leather seats and back.
  • Handcrafted 4 drawer hors d’oeuvre table with folding flip-top.
  • Modern-day buffet with 2 doors opposite of 3 drawers, 38” tall x 18.5” deep x 56” long.
  • (2) matching leather swivel armchairs with ottoman, light tan color and imported from Norway.
  • Single-drawer, drop-leaf, stand table.
  • Williams Sonoma smaller flatscreen TV stand, 24” tall x 18” deep x 36” long.
  • Ultra Comfort Max 6 lift chair with massage and remote control capability, nice natural tan color!
  • (2) Contemporary chairs with open backs, color white.
  • Fireside armchair, copper tone color.
  • Stakmore premium folding wood table, 32” square top, complete with matching folding chairs, new!
  • (2) Queen size beds, mfg. by Sterns & Foster.
  • Small 15-drawer tiered cabinet.
  • (2) Upholstered single and double cushioned loveseats.
  • Mitchell Gold corner sofa, color white.
  • Several nice area rugs, including 8’ x 34” Stickley.
  • (2) Factory repurposed tripod adjustable lamps.
  • Several ambiance style table and floor lamps in various sizes, shapes, and styles.
  • 4-paneled black & white drawing entitled, “Charlesville Castle Stables,” Ireland, by freelance artist A. Richard Anderson.
  • Various other pieces of modern furnishings to include: televisions, TV trays, radios, DVD players, window AC units, and more!

Collectibles, Music & Movie Collections, Glassware and More!

  • RARE Tiffany & Co. sterling silver dresser box, 8” long x 3.5” deep x 2” tall
  • Belleek Ireland mug stamped “Himself”
  • Wedgwood vase with embossed Greek images
  • Moser glass decanter with two matching cocktail glasses
  • Handled glass carafe with plated top
  • “150 years Quincy University” glass paperweight
  • Van Cort telescoping instrument with stand
  • Several hundred 33 RPM albums, several rare and highly sought after, the majority from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s
  • Several hundred CD’s, DVD’s, and VCR’s
  • 9-piece Calphalon cookware set, one of the lids signed by John Mahoney
  • 13-piece Zwilling cutlery set in a wooden holder
  • Luggage
  • Coach leather Lexington briefcase bag with original hang tag

There will be a large number of books…the following is just a few of the highlights.

  • Steppenwolf books such as “Steppenwolf 25” with 2 pages of signatures including John’s; Steppenwolf “Sandro: Raw: Steppenwolf” with a letter talking about John Mahoney
  • “Finnegans Wake,” by James Joyce, 1939, signed limited edition, copy #107 – accompanied with a letter
  • Historic Photos of Chicago, signed by John
  • “Theater in America”
  • “Heart Matters” by artist Xenia Hausner (with a personal invitation to John to gallery exhibition in Los Angeles)
  • Leonardo da Vinci “Complete Paintings and Drawings” by Frank Zollner
  • “The Artist in His Studio” by Alexander Liberman
  • “From The Desk Of” by Hal Drucker and Sid Lerner, personalized signature to John from Hal dated June 25, 1991
  • “The Complete Lyrics of Frank Loesser”
  • “The Old Man and The Sea” by Ernest Hemingway Copyright 1952
  • “To Have and Have Not” by Ernest Hemingway, Copyright 1937
  • Many other neat & interesting books!

For a complete and updated list visit Sullivan Auctioneers here.

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