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Quincy officials to flush fire hydrants this week


The Quincy Fire Department has reported that they will be flushing fire hydrants on the east side of Quincy for flow testing purposes June 11 through June 15.

    The Quincy Fire Department notes that during these times, residents in these areas may experience low water pressure or water discoloration. The conditions are temporary and the water will remain safe for use and consumption at all times.

    Assistant Chief James Pioch with the Quincy Fire Department says "we flow the water long enough that if there is any sediment, we try to keep it all flushed out. But they might see some slight discoloration of the water but that doesn't effect it's quality at all it's still drinkable."

    Pioch warns that water could discolor clothes in the washing machine.

    The following locations will be affected:

    • 823 South 36th St.
    • Deerfield Rd & Woodlawn Trail
    • 522 South 43rd St.
    • 4621 Jayden Court
    • 1301 South 48th St.
    • 46th and Woodlawn Trail
    • 1112 South 43rd St.
    • 47th and Trinity Lakes Drive
    • 48th and Harrison
    • 4504 Covington Court
    • Hampton Lane and Cadbury Ridge

    Those with questions are asked to contact the Department of Utilities at 228-4580.

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