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Dog flu vaccine may be needed before boarding dogs


If you're boarding your dog at the kennel before summer vacation, your dog may need a flu shot.

Dog flu has been a problem in local kennels. Veterinarians say dogs quickly catch it when they're exposed to it. Coughing, fatigue, and a runny nose are just a few of the symptoms of K-9 influenza.

"The vaccine takes two weeks, it's an annual booster. Both strains are in the vaccines now. Anyone who kennels their dog, boards their dog, has their dog groomed or walks their dog down the street, needs to get their dog vaccinated, says Veterinarian Dr. Bob Reich.

While some counties require boarded dogs to be vaccinated, not all do. However, many dog kennels and boarding services may still require your dog to be vaccinated even if local law doesn't force them to for safety.

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