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Palmyra Flag Day brings large crowds downtown


A flag day parade took over Main Street in Palmyra Saturday.

While Flag Day was on Thursday this week, you wouldn't realize that if you were in downtown Palmyra.

Palmyra's Flag Day Parade, hosted by the city's Chamber of Commerce, is an event that almost the whole town seems to have a part in.

Local businesses, politicians, churches, and restaurants are all involved in the festivities featuring floats, tractors, trucks, and candy for the kids.

But while Palmyra's flag day parade is a big event that's fun for everyone, it's about much more than just the floats and the candy.

For people like Pastor John Joble, it's about honoring the American flag and everything it stands for..

"The flag represents the united states, it represents all of our soldiers that have gone and sacrificed so much for us, and we just want to show our appreciation to our soldiers and to our flag, to our nation," said Joble.

Veterans like Robert Dodd are very grateful for the recognition.

"It makes me feel very good, very proud, the song they just sang: I'm proud to be an American," said Dodd.

After the parade there was a special flag-raising at the courthouse by the American Legion and local Boy Scouts troops.

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