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Adams County Coroner under investigation for 'unlawful delivery of a controlled substance'

Jim Keller Jim Keller

Outgoing Adams County Coroner Jim Keller is under investigation for Official Misconduct/Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance. 

Court documents reveal that Adams County State's Attorney Gary Farha requested a special prosecutor to investigate the case on June 21 following a citizen's complaint.  

"The prosecution of the defendant by the State's Attorney's Office could be a conflict of interest for the office, or alternatively, could create the appearance of an impropriety," stated court documents. "It is in the interest of justice that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to avoid any such appearance." 

Farha says Keller no longer has access to vehicles, computers, his office or any other part of the courthouse. 

"Coroners are a constitutional office," said Farha. "They're elected people so they have a lot of access to people, places and things. In a lot of ways coroner's duties are very, very broad and set out in statute. It's a powerful office."

Keller announced his resignation on June 20.

A new coroner will be named at Tuesday's Adams County Board meeting. 

"There will be a vote of Adams County Republican Precinct committee members on Sunday and a recommendation made to our county board chairman, Les Post, and he will make an appointment on Tuesday."

Adams County Coroner under investigation
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