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Blessing Hospital

Monday, August 20

Jordan & Anastasia Wegs of Quincy, IL...Girl

Robert & Ashley Fortag of Quincy, IL...Girl

Jered & Jacquelyn Shoopman of Mt. Sterling, IL...Boy

Dylan Black & Lakelynn Petty of Barry, IL...Girl

Jacob Sims & Shakia Horton of Quincy, IL...Girl

Andy Kindle & Dorothy Bridgewater of Milton, IL...Boy

Dakota Cohenour & Rosie Starner of Baylis, IL..Boy

Lane Hardisty & Brooke Turnbaugh of La Harpe, IL., Quincy, IL...Girl

Friday, August 17

Landon Mohler & Jocelyn Krigbaum of Hannibal,Mo...Girl

Hannibal Regional

Monday, August 20

Rita and Harrison Turner of Louisiana, Mo...Boy

Morgan Stover and Jeffrey Wamsley of Hannibal, Mo...Girl

Patricia and Mark Zook of Hannibal, Mo...Girl

Echo Graham of Bowling Green, Mo...Girl

 Victoria Davis and Benjamin Dorsey of Hannibal, Mo...Boy


Monday, August 20

Cheryl Lynn Robertson, 53, of Hannibal, Missouri, died Friday,  James O’Donnell Funeral Home

Gretchen Johanna Hollender, 71, of Quincy,IL died on Friday, Duker & Haugh Funeral Home 

Charles Binz, 75 of Center, MO died  Friday, James O’Donnell Funeral Home 

Lenore Ann King, 94, of Quincy,IL died Friday, Hansen-Spear Funeral Home

Edward A. Wollbrink, 90, of Sutter died Sunday,  Hunter Funeral Home 

 Debbie St. Clair, 63, of Canton, Missouri,  Arnold’s Funeral Home in Canton

Friday, August 17

Janine Renee Allen, 57, of Quincy, died on Thursday, Hansen-Spear Funeral Home

Kenneth E. ‘Kenny’ Barry, 89, of Liberty, IL, died on Thursday,  Duker & Haugh Funeral Home 


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