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Curtis T. Lovelace

Age: 38
Occupation: Adams County assistant state's attorney, Quincy University adjunct instructor, private practice attorney, radio sports broadcaster for 103.9 The Fox.
Education: Graduated with degrees in law and business administration from the University of Illinois.
Family: Daughter Lyndsay, 13, a student at Quincy Junior High School; son Logan, 9, a student at Baldwin West; son Lincoln, 8, a student at Madison Elementary School; and son Larson, 5, a student at the Early Childhood and Family Center.

Why are you running for the Quincy School Board? What qualifications would you bring?
I was born and raised in this community by my parents, Terry and Jan Lovelace. I attended the Quincy Public Schools. I am a taxpayer and am raising four children who attend the Quincy Public Schools. I want to continue to support my children, community and taxpayers as a member of the School Board. In my first term I chaired the Policy Committee, was a member of the Building and Grounds Committee, was vice president for two years and chaired the superintendent search committee which hired Tom Leahy. In my second term, I was School Board president for two years. I now chair the Ad Hoc Technology Committee and am a member of the Building and Grounds Committee.

Do you attend school functions? If so, which ones? How much time are you willing to devote to School Board service?
With four children in the district, I attend PTA events, science fairs, music performances and classroom holiday parties. I attend Quincy High School basketball games. I attend Quincy High School football games both home and away. As a School Board member, I have devoted countless hours and will continue to do so.

How involved should School Board members be in the day-to-day operations of the school district?
A School Board member should not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the school district. My role is to represent the taxpayers of the district and the members of this community in my decisions as a board member.

The district will hire a new superintendent in the next year. What qualities will you look for in a new superintendent?
Easily answered: a person with integrity and the ability to communicate the district's vision to administration, teachers and staff to move the district closer to that vision each and every day.

Projections show the school district will be more than $4 million in debt by the year 2011. What specific steps would you take to address the district's financial condition now and in the future?
We need to continue to find the most efficient and effective means to educate our children. Our district continues to look for grant opportunities to fund programs. We have investigated several local funding options without success. The revenue issue lies with our state legislatures.

Do you think the federal No Child Left Behind legislation is achieving its objectives? If so, how? If not, why not?
No Child Left Behind is not a new concept to the district. We have always strived to educate all students in the district. This federal law is a measurement of our efforts, and we continue to strive toward this goal.

Please address up to three topics not listed above that you believe are important to the School District.
Our increased use of technology with our district.
Reorganization of our district emphasizing neighborhood schools.
Our children's pride and respect for their family and education.

Compiled by Herald-Whig staff writer Holly Wagner
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