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"I had your station before the switch. Now I don't."

This is the most common question we have received post digital transition on 2-17-09. The following is a trouble shooting guide to resolve your problems.

On 2-17-09 WGEM switched from UHF Digital to VHF Digital plus we eliminated our analog signal.

1. Do you have the proper antenna? To receive WGEM 10.1(NBC) 10.2(CW) 10.3(FOX) you must have a VHF-UHF antenna. Unfortunately many retailers are selling UHF-only antennas. If the antenna is a flat panel, it probably is a UHF only antenna. Check the owners manual and save the receipt. If in doubt, call WGEM.

2. The best choice in antenna is an outdoor antenna. Indoor antennas may work however you will notice the picture freezes, goes to black or pixilates. This is a sure sign you are receiving a weak signal. If you live in and around the Quincy area(10 miles) you may be able install an antenna in your attic. These element-style antennas normally have more gain or do a better job receiving the signal than the traditional set top antenna. Remember ANY antenna indoors loses 50% of it's efficiency because the signal has to travel through the walls of your house.

3. Do you have a converter box or digital TV and the proper antenna but still not receiving the signal? Did you perform a re-scan on the converter box? If not do so. Also try a factory reset of the converter box or digital TV. This erases any old channel memory and will force a new scan. Some TV's and converter boxes still see our old UHF channel. Until you clear the memory, they won't memorize the new VHF channels.

4. Do you have an older roof antenna which was used for years to receive WGEM's analog signal? Did it work fine for the analog but not so well for digital? Many of the older antennas will work fine if the antenna itself is not damaged. Here are a few items to check"

  • Make sure you are using RG6 coax cable. The older RG59 and 300ohm flat cable may not be adequate to handle the digital signals.
  • If you are using RG6 cable, check the connectors. If water penetrates the connectors this will cause a disruption in the signal. Make sure the connectors are sealed well and have been installed properly. If a connector is not installed properly it could reduce the amount of signal reaching your converter box or digital TV. If you live more than 20 miles from our transmitter this could be the difference from receiving a good signal to no signal.
  • Are you using the recommended antenna amplifier for your antenna? Is the amplifier working? An amplifier is recommended if you live 20 or more miles from Quincy.
  • Are you using a splitter? Remove it and route the feed directly to one digital TV or converter box. It could be the wrong splitter for DTV or it could have issues. If you are routing signals to multiple sets or converter boxes you will need either an amplifier on your antenna or an RF amplifier for your splitter. The goal here is to keep the signal level consistent to all feeds. Without any amplifier your signal level will decrease.

If you need help call us at 228-6600, or e-mail us at dtv@wgem.com.

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