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Top Ten Misconceptions of the Tour de France


Top Ten Misconceptions of the Tour de France

10) All the winner actually gets is a congratulatory greeting, "Welcome to Paris. Guess you better start your trip back."

9) The yellow jersey is an aphrodisiac for women.

8) It's really live on T.V. Seriously, no joke. It is live on T.V.

7) The reason the French never won is because they quit during the mountain stage because it is "Le Hot!"

6) They don't let French women race because apparently pit hair slows you down.

5) Since Lance Armstrong retired, people in the United States only care aobut their kids getting rid of the training wheels.

4) It's not doping that is the problem in cycling, it's crack ... honestly, who rides a bike for 20 days and like 900 miles? I'll tell you who ... people on crack!

3) The Pyrenees? I thought you said, "Hey, come here and look at these!"

2) Off camera, all bikers hold on to the back bumper of nearest car.

1) It's not just flowers and yellow jerseys the ladies give the winners at
the end of each race.

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