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Top Ten Pairings for a Golf Tournament

10) Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding: Careful Tonya, just put the nine iron back in your bag.

9) Don O'Brien and Ray Weast: Both caddies will need ear plugs.

8) George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein: We just want to see who wins and how they go about winning.

7) Mel Gibson and Nick Nolte: Quickest to 24 wins ... 24 beers that is.

6) Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura: Dude, Nolan is a lot older now and maybe this time, Ventura won't drop his club if a scuffle starts.

5) Ron Artest and Terrel Owens: 49 clubs, 29 balls, 6 carts, and 4 caddies later, ONE hole is completed.

4) Loren Wallace and Duncan Reid: They can discuss all the good times they had together in the Western Big 6. Definately no sandbagging would go on there.

3) Uma Thurman and Gwen Stefani: Hey a poor boy can dream, can't he?

2) Ike and Tina: Although golf isn't much of a frustration sport.

1) Mark Prior and Kerry Wood: A 72-hole tournament is called after six holes when Prior's arm completely breaks off from his body.

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