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RCA Converter Box or Satellite receiver problems. Still no WGEM Signal?


Here's some answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the DTV transition as it relates to viewing WGEM-DT.

First, WGEM has changed its digital channel from UHF 54 to digital channel VHF 10. To receive WGEM-DT's new digital channel, several steps may be required to restore reception.

All antennas, whether indoor or outdoor, must be a VHF/UHF type.  For optimum performance an outdoor antenna works the best.  An indoor antenna may have to be re-positioned by moving it around and changing the height or by placing the antenna by an exterior wall or window.

Perform a channel "auto scan" of all set top boxes and digital TV's.  Consult the owner's manual for the digital-to-analog converter box or digital television for detailed instructions on how to perform a channel auto scan for your device.  This will enable reception for most viewers, if not, see step 3.

Perform a factory reset/default.  This has been a common problem with the RCA converter boxes. Consult the owner's manual for detailed instructions on how to perform a factory reset/default on your device. It may ask for a pass code or pin #, or enter 0000 if one has not been assigned to continue the reset. Then perform another channel auto scan.

Satellite Receivers

I am sure if you have contacted one of the two satellite companies to determine why you are not receiving all the local channels or maybe in the case of WGEM you are receiving two of the three channels and the other channel is just a black screen.

They will or have told you in many cases that it is a result of a reception issue caused by the local station. For the most part, this is untrue. The problem results in an issue with many of their receivers. Stations like WGEM switched frequencies on Feb. 17. Once this happened many of the receivers were unable to detect this change and are continuing to try and receive the old frequency which is no longer being used.

In the case of WGEM we switched from UHF channel 54 to VHF channel 10 digital. Below are basic instructions on how to add the new channels. SInce the instructions for each receiver vary these are basic steps which should apply to most receivers. If you have questions about your specific receiver contract your provider or refer to the owners manual.

  1. Make sure your antenna is not the issue. Hook your antenna to a converter box or digital tv to determine if you are able to receive the digital signals not showing up on your satellite receiver. For more antenna information - CLICK HERE.
  2. Unplug your receiver for about 5 minutes. Plug it back in and perform a re scan.
  3. If the above does not work - go to the menu and delete the channels which are not working or just give you a black screen. Once completed perform a re scan.
  4. If you have Dish Network - download this pdf file which will walk you through the process.
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