Local organizations help displaced Welcome Inn residents, homes still needed

Local volunteer organizations help displaced Welcome Inn residents
Local volunteer organizations help displaced Welcome Inn residents(WGEM)
Updated: Jul. 28, 2021 at 4:37 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Tenants who had to move out of the Welcome Inn in downtown Quincy on Tuesday continue to get help from several volunteer organizations at a temporary shelter set up just for them.

“It’s just crazy how the earth is. And I think the people that’s helping me is more my family than my other family right now,” said displaced resident Tracy Burke.

Tracy Burke found shelter at the Welcome Inn after she was homeless.

Ever since she had to move out suddenly on Tuesday, she has been staying at a temporary shelter at 1016 Vermont Street, calling the volunteers there her family now.

“They gave me a roof over my head for seven days. They’re giving us food, water, clothing,” she said.

Volunteer organizations have been giving out hygiene products and helping people like Tracy find a more permanent place to stay.

One local church is even donating backpacks filled with supplies to help those in need.

“We started putting a list together of what items people would need if they were on their own without a place to stay without a home,” said St. John’s Cathedral Youth Group Leader Jamie Foster.

Mayor Mike Troup said that what’s next for him is to make sure that all displaced people find homes and that situations like this never happen again.

“We got to get back to the more normal business with infrastructure and incentives with other developers help us avoid this thing in the future,” said Mayor Troup.

Mayor Troup said he already proposed a residential housing registration program to try to improve Quincy housing, and then he will be talking to developers about building more transitional housing, condos, and single family homes.

Tracy thinks the city should be focusing their efforts on building something else.

“We need to get more shelters out here. There’s a lot of people that need shelters,” she said.

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