Quincy University and Blessing-Rieman College host Nursing and Health Sciences Visit Day

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Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 8:57 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - With nurses and other medical professionals in short supply, Quincy University and Blessing-Reiman College went into recruitment mode on Friday.

They hosted a Nursing and Health Sciences Visit Day for high school students to get an inside look into their nursing and health sciences program.

The event was held to showcase the partnership between QU and Blessing-Rieman College. Students can get a health sciences degree by taking their general education classes at QU freshmen year, then starting their medical program at Blessing-Rieman College sophomore year.

Over 50 high school students got hands-on experience in simulation labs at the Blessing Education Center.

Blessing-Rieman College Admissions Coordinator Debbie Giesing said Friday’s event was all about attracting students to the medical field.

“We are short in every healthcare field,” she said. “We need good people in our programs. We need good people in our hospitals.”

Pleasant Valley High School junior Libby Kamp attended the event because she said she wants to become a nurse, and is thinking about applying to the program.

“I feel like I’m really good at working under pressure and I love helping people,” Kamp said.

The event also featured a tour of Quincy University, as well as a Q&A with admission counselors, current nursing students and other campus faculty.

QU admissions director Brittany Weise said she hopes students at Friday’s event will want to stay local to work in the medical field.

“Showing our prospective students what they’re going to do as students of Quincy University and Blessing-Rieman is really beneficial for them to sort of make their final decision and hopefully choose us,” Weise said.

If you missed the event but would like more information on the program, you can call Blessing-Rieman College to schedule a tour at (217) 228-5520.

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