Mayor, chief of police kick off 34th annual Project Red Ribbon

Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 5:51 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Mothers Against Drunk and Drugged Driving (MADD) kicked off their annual red ribbon campaign on Monday, represented by Quincy Mayor Mike Troup, Police Chief Rob Copley and the chairman of Quincy’s Red Ribbon Project, J.T. Dozier.

Dozier continued his efforts to encourage people to make smart choices around the holidays.

“Why ruin your holiday or someone else’s holiday needlessly because you made the wrong decision,” Dozier said. “And now you’re in jail, or you or someone else is in the hospital... or perhaps the funeral home.”

Copley said to be cautious of drunk drivers especially on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

“When you see a squad of cops, that’s going to reinforce the message, just like seeing the red ribbons on everyone else’s car reinforces this message,” Copley said. “We’ll be stepping up patrol and trying to help everyone stay safe. The true consequence that we definitely want to avoid is someone being injured or killed because someone was driving impaired, so that is the largest consequence is a loss of life.”

Drinking and driving comes with heavy penalties. Copley said a conviction could lead to a loss of license and penalties as high as $10,000. But he says that pales in comparison with the cost of taking a life.

Dozier, who plans to distribute the ribbons to students next week, hopes it will affect them the same way it did when he was their age.

“I’m gonna get in trouble but at least I’ll get home if I call dad or mom,” Dozier said. They’ll come pick me up because they want me to be home safely.”

Locals can find red ribbons at City Hall, Quincy Police Department or local financial institutions . The ribbons are free and can be tied to cars. (i.e. doors, mirrors, antennas, etc.) as a reminder not to drink or use drugs and drive.

According to MADD, drunken driving is the leading cause of death on roadways. Someone is killed in a drunk-driving crash every 2 minutes and 51 seconds.

And it’s not just adults; one-quarter of car crashes with teenagers involve an underage drunken driver.

Organizers hope the red ribbon reminds people to celebrate responsibly.

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