Adams County Sheriff’s Office to hire outside of county

Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 10:32 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - There are more efforts to address the Adams County Sheriff’s Office staffing shortage.

This comes after county officials voted to expand the residency requirements for corrections officers at a board meeting this month to 40-miles outside Adams County.

Sheriff Rich Wagner said, now, people living outside of Adams County can apply to be a corrections officer at the jail.

“We’re hoping that we get a lot of qualified candidates both in Missouri, and the surrounding Quincy area, that are excited about a new profession,” Wagner said.

Corrections officers at the Adams County jail said they are responsible for providing safety and security for each inmate while they wait to appear in court.

Deana Coleman has been a corrections officer for close to 15 years. She said it’s tough providing that security when they’re short staffed.

“Incidents happen with a blink of a notice and everybody has to be there, and when you have staff that are exhausted from working seven or 10 days in a row, I’m sure their response time is a lot slower than what it actually could be,” Coleman said.

Now, the sheriff’s office is hoping the approval to search and hire outside the county will bring more corrections officers to the area, so they can better staff the jail.

“When we’re short staffed, not as many people can take their personal time off they need so we’re working through those issues, getting that staff built back up and making sure we have a safe and secure job for everyone,” Coleman said.

Wagner said they have four positions they’re looking to fill immediately, and another four they’ll fill after that.

“We want to get to where we’re right at about 11 or 12 officers per shift,” he said.

Coleman said they’ll have more officers to respond when there’s an emergency.

“They don’t have to make that big transition for their family. Uproot their family and move to a home in Adams County, so I mean it really opens our doors to a lot more people that we wouldn’t normally be able to hire,” she said.

Wagner said it’ll be a while before they get new corrections officers trained to patrol the jail. He said new hires will attend a five-week academy, become certified to carry a firearm, train in defense tactics and learn how to address mental health issues.

“We do have to phase in a little bit to get them to training, to get them with the proper training officer at work, because it’s tough to take on so many at once. So we will phase them in,” he said.

To apply go online, fill out the application, send it in and go in for a general knowledge test.


Residency requirements expand for Adams County Sheriff’s Office

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