More units could come to Quincy’s Dewey Lofts

Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 6:23 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - The former Dewey Elementary School building on 2040 Cherry might be getting additional living units. Now called the Dewey Lofts, the current 13 units are all rented now.

The Quincy Plan Commission held a meeting on Tuesday about the possibility of expanding and implementing additional living spaces.

Community development planner, Jason Parrott, said developers are just waiting for a permit from the Quincy City Council to move forward.

“I know the two aldermen that represent that area were both at the meeting, and they seem to support the project so we’ve heard no feedback on this, really, which is a good thing because that means people aren’t adamantly against it,” Parrott said.

The initial plan was to use the remaining school space to hold events, but developers had a change of heart. An additional amendment would allow the gym, which is currently being used by local teams, to be rented out for recreational use.

The vacant school was petitioned to be repurposed into living units in late 2019, and was the given green light to move ahead shortly after in January 2020.

Parrott believes there will be no issue at all with adding more units, and is optimistic that a second permit will be granted.

“It’s a unique opportunity to use one of the former schools. Sometimes those types of buildings can sit vacant. So, the fact that they have jumped in and turned this into a pretty vibrant living space with 13 units already, and hopefully adding more, we see that as a benefit to the community,” Parrott said.

Developers are unsure how many more units they plan to implement, and are waiting for the permit before they move forward.

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