Quincy Riverfront Steering Committee selects governance plan

Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 7:06 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - The effort to give Quincy’s Riverfront a new facelift moves forward as there is progress on who will lead the master plan development project.

The Quincy Riverfront Master Plan Steering Committee hopes to redevelop 89 acres of the riverfront to strengthen the downtown district, and increase tourism.

They accepted a governance plan Thursday night for the project.

Of the nine board members, two will be named by the city, two by the park district, and two by Adams County.

Riverfront Development Committee Member Jeff Steinkamp said the remaining three members will be at-large community members selected by the steering committee and board of directors.

“We thought this would give a set of people, that are very interested and know what’s going on, and really can apply the right sources, resources, funding and everything to the project,” Steinkamp said.

They’re looking at building a cruise boat dock, stage and playground as well as raising the ground at Clat Adams Park to make it flood-proof.

Quincy Resident Angie Hancox, and her husband, visit the park throughout the year.

“We probably come down about a half a dozen times a year just to enjoy the river and the view,” Hancox said.

Hancox thinks making the park flood-proof is necessary.

“We’ve had the 100-year flood many times in a row and that would be my concern as you revamp it, make it look beautiful, and then it floods,” Hancox said.

Steinkamp hopes the project will strengthen downtown by drawing in more visitors.

“Many cities, up and down the Mississippi River, have great parks and everything and riverfront development so we are just going to enhance ours,” he said.

Steinkamp said funding could come from donations, public and private partnerships, or the federal government.

The Quincy City Council, Adams County Board and Quincy Park District need to approve the governance plan. The committee expects the three bodies to vote on it early next year.

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