Quincy’s Calling program seeing continued success

Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 6:24 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - The Great River Economic Development Fund (GREDF) is promoting their relatively new “Quincy’s Calling” incentive program again for the holidays families or friends returning home for the holidays, or just visiting, choose to move to Quincy permanently.

GREDF’s President, Kyle Moore, said Wednesday since the program launched on Aug. 4, 43 new people have moved to Quincy through the program.

Moore said that exceeded their expectations for the first three months as organizers planned for only about 25.

Now with that momentum going, Moore said the hope is those numbers will will accelerate throughout the three-year program.

“We’re hopeful if we get 50 that first year, we’ll get 75 and we’ll continue to see that kind of snowball effect of people wanting to move to our community,” Moore said.

The program works by giving people incentives to move, and makes the process a bit easier. Moore said this $650,000 investment is important for the city, and money is still available.

“We’ll get as many people as we can until that $250,000 incentive is done in the first year. So we’re taking a tally of what, you know, people are applying for. So we’ll continue that, and once that $250,000 runs out, then that incentive for that year is done,” Moore said.

How does Quincy’s calling work? People who move will receive $5,000 on residential property taxes, or $3,500 off rental payments after they prove their employment status and work residency for one year.

People who already live in Quincy can also refer people to the program and be eligible for $250 to spend at a Quincy restaurant.

You can go to Quincy’s Calling website here to participate.

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