Hannibal School Board votes ‘No’ for early retirement

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 5:29 AM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) -In the face of a workforce shortage, the Hannibal School Board has voted to not offer early retirement this year.

The school board votes every year to determine whether they will offer early retirement program, which typically is available for teachers, support staff, and other employees.

The program saves the district money by allowing the district to hire younger teachers to take over. However, the district is now having trouble hiring replacements.

“Every year it’s getting harder and harder to fill those vacancies. It’s very difficult especially for certain positions. But even some positions that at one point was plentiful. Many times we are having to use alternative means to find people to be in our classroom,” Susan Johnson, the Hannibal Public Schools Superintendent said.

Johnson says the district has been working to hire more teachers and support staff by raising wages and offering programs to get younger student-teachers trained on the job.

She says the hiring difficulties mean it doesn’t make sense to encourage early retirement when the district risks not being able to find replacements.

She said six staff members were planning on taking the early retirement plan if it was approved for this year.

Johnson hopes that they’ll be able to bring back the early retirement program next year, but it depends on whether the district can find the staff.

Some teachers concerned about this decision are going to voice their concerns at the next meeting on the 19.

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