Pulling the Plug: Second Opinions Matter!

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Updated: Jan. 20, 2022 at 5:15 PM CST
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MIAMI, Fla. (WGEM) -- It’s the medical prognosis no one wants to hear. When their daughter was in a coma, two parents were told to pull the plug by one doctor. So, they sought a second opinion. They are relieved they did, because not only did she wake up, she is on the road to recovery. Ivanhoe has their story.

This is 32-year-old Julia Piantini one month before her father got this phone call.

“‘Do you know Julia Piantini?’ I said, ‘Of course, I know her. She’s my daughter.’ ‘Well, this is so and so from fire rescue and we’re here, and she’s not responsive,’” shared Albert Piantini, Julia’s dad.

Julia was in a coma after a blood clot traveled to her lung. Doctors told her parents’ initial brain scans showed no hope and they should say goodbye. A second opinion from neurologist doctor Kester Nedd told them she would wake up.

“And one of the early signs that I saw from Julia when she was recovering is that she had a sleep-wake cycle. She was able to fall asleep with the sun going down and awake with the sun coming up,” explained Kester Nedd, DO, Neurologist, Design Neuroscience Center.

Her parents believed him. This is Julia one month later in rehab.

Then six weeks later singing before she could see or speak. More than a year later here she is walking to physical therapy.

“Guess what baby, I’m still here. Like the song, I’m still standing, and walking, and talking, and dancing. I danced at my cousin’s wedding,” smiled Julia.

“When you see where she was a year ago to where she is today, it’s really nothing short of a miracle,” stated Albert.

Neurologist doctor Kester Nedd has developed the BHET method which stands for brain, hierarchical, evaluation, and treatment method. A new way to look at how the brain is organized. You can find out more at

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