High gas prices have families staying close to home for Memorial Day weekend

Published: May. 27, 2022 at 10:49 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - People are still driving to get to where they need to go but gas prices are keeping them closer to home.

Macomb Resident, Alicia Hose said, they’re also affecting her memorial holiday weekend plans.

She said, “My biggest plan was my niece’s graduation party and because of gas prices, it’s going to be hard to get down there, so I’m not sure if we’re going to be going or not.”

Other travelers like Michael Wehrman from Des Moines, Iowa, said his family also thinks twice about where they go, how far they go and where they stop for gas.

“Cause like in Illinois gas is really expensive, but in Missouri, it’s a little bit cheaper and Iowa it’s a little bit cheaper as well,” Wehrman said.

The Atrium Hotel on Third, General Manager, David Griffin said their bookings this weekend are about 40% to 50% of what they would normally be.

“Based on our reservations, it does look like people are traveling. It doesn’t appear that they’ve stopped. But it’s still not post COVID levels,” Griffin said.

It’s not just gas prices that are affecting their reservations, the end of the annual Gus Macker Basketball Tournaments is also playing a part.

“That was always a big thing for the hotels in Quincy, especially for the downtown hotels,” Griffin said.

Because most people still have to drive, Wehrman just hopes the prices will come down.

“Wish we could get to a point where we’re at a happy medium I guess,” Wehrman said.

People said instead of traveling like they normally would, they’re going to stay home and barbeque so they don’t have to go far and their family and friends also don’t have to travel far.

Griffin said, with minimum wage increases, inflation and gas prices they pay close attention and make rate adjustments.

He said most hotels in Quincy make the changes to be fair and equitable across the board.

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