Hancock County voters to decide between Boley, Duffy for sheriff

Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 6:49 PM CDT
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CARTHAGE, Ill. (WGEM) - Hancock County residents will decide between Travis Duffy and Mike Boley for the Republican nomination in the June 28 primary.

With no Democratic nominees on the primary ballot, one of the two is all-but-assured to win the November general election.

Both candidates said they have the experience to be a successful sheriff.

Duffy, the current Hancock County sheriff, has worked in the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office for 22 years.

He said his two decades of experience make him best suited for the job.

“It takes a lot, and it takes a lot of insight,” Duffy said. “It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to make this thing work, and I believe I possess that.”

Duffy said that one of his highest priorities as sheriff would be to combat the drug problem in Hancock County.

Currently, the county has two K-9′s.

Duffy said the department is continually committed to acting on the drug problem.

“We try to be proactive throughout the county,” Duffy said. “We’re like a lot of counties, we see an influx in meth.”

Duffy said that the sheriff deputies responded to nearly 7,000 calls in 2021 with a majority of those being drug-related.

Nauvoo Chief of Police Mike Boley has nearly 20 years of law enforcement experience, all in Hancock County.

Boley said the county’s drug problem is also high on his list.

Boley said that because Hancock County doesn’t have a detective, he would be focused on creating relationships with state agencies.

“I think we can build upon our team work with other agencies at the state level and surrounding areas,” Duffy said. “Everything from task forces, different county and city agencies trying to share information and build bigger cases to try to get more drugs off of the street.”

Duffy said his drive for making Hancock County a pleasant place to live is why he’s seeking the new job.

“The best part of doing this is actually getting to do the work, and I enjoy doing the work and that’s what motivates me to keep doing it everyday.”

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