Renovations at QJHS should wrap up well ahead of schedule

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Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 6:34 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - A multi-year renovation project at Quincy Junior High School is wrapping up a year ahead of schedule.

The renovations aim to modernize the learning environment at the school, which was built in 1933.

“You can see the new paint color on the walls, you can see the ceiling up here.” said Brenda Fleer, QJHS principal.

Issues that affected student learning prompted a multi-year renovation project for the historic school.

“Many of the shades that were in our classrooms were torn, light would come through, electrical outlets not being available along many of the walls,” Fleer said.

The solution to these issues was to perform an interior upgrade -- renovate the inside while keeping the integrity of the exterior structure.

“Over the least three years we’ve been doing a complete upgrade to Quincy Junior High School on the wiring system,” said building supervisor Ryan Clair. “Also the overall look and appearance of the classrooms with painting and drop ceilings being completed in the rooms.”

While renovations were scheduled to take up to four years, remote learning during the pandemic sped the process up.

“We took that opportunity to get the contractors in quicker which allowed them to get ahead of schedule,” Clair said. “So as long as we don’t experience any hiccups over the next couple months, we’re expected to hopefully be finished by this coming school year.”

If everything goes as planned, students will be able to learn in a different kind of environment this upcoming school year.

“When you walk into a building and there’s fresh coats of paint and there are new blinds or new furniture, those kinds of things make a difference in a learning environment whether you believe it or not,” Fleer said.

This will also be a more energy efficient building.

New LED lights have been added to save energy and money.

Fleer says future projects will most likely be smaller than this one, but eventually, she would like to see new furniture coming into the building

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