Congressman Rodney Davis receives two endorsements in Quincy

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 5:52 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Congressman Rodney Davis received endorsements from the Illinois and US Chamber of Commerce at Knapheide in Quincy on Monday.

The US Chamber of Commerce Vice President and Governmental Affairs Chief of Staff Ron Eidshaug said they endorsed Davis because he has stood with the business committee for lower taxes and was an architect of the Trump tax bill. Eidshaug said those were huge wins for the business community.

“Another huge win for the business community was the USMCA deal in the last administration and another key architected key champion on that legislation,” Eidshaug said. “We’ve also needed key champions to stop bad things from happening in Washington too. Stopping bad tax and spending policies on the Pelosi Schumer Build Back Better bill. Congressman Davis was there with us then too.”

Davis said the state needs more leaders who support innovation and incentives to grow businesses within the state, which he said isn’t happening and needs to change come June 28. He said that’ll get large companies like Knapheide to stay in Illinois.

“I mean, I’m sick and tired of this discussion about migration,” Davis said. “But the only way to fix it is we’ve got to fix our leadership in Illinois. We’ve got our people in Illinois, running the government in Springfield that also understand that we need lower taxes, not higher taxes.”

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce said Davis’s ability to help businesses succeed is why officials endorse the Republican.

Chamber President and CEO Todd Maisch said they have to reestablish certainty for companies like Knapheide to know what to expect moving forward.

“He knows what it takes to create an environment for businesses like this to succeed,” Maisch said.

Davis said he is also working to address the student loan crisis in the country and that he helped craft tax breaks during the Trump Administration for businesses to pay down employees’ loans.

“But in the end, our job is actually to move good policy forward. The companies like Knapheide can take advantage of the future, like the tax cut bill, like the student loan repayment bill, and we want to do some CDL reforms that I think will help get their products out into the marketplace a lot faster and more quickly and a lot more affordably,” Davis said.

Davis said he and his opponent, US Rep. Mary Miller, have a lot of similarities when it comes to having 100% Pro-Life voting record and standing up for the Second Amendment.

“But I’ve got a record of actually governing. I’m somebody who makes sure that I don’t vote with the squad to defend our military. I make sure that we come up with solutions rather than just saying ‘no’. That’s my record. That’s why I got the endorsement of the US Chamber and that’s what I’m going to continue to do,” Davis said.

Davis said his first goal would be to win more Republican seats in congress to have a governing Republican majority in Washington.

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