WIU hosts week long art camp for high schoolers

WIU hosts high school students for art camp
WIU hosts high school students for art camp(WGEM)
Published: Jun. 19, 2022 at 10:41 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Western Illinois University kicked off their week long study of art workshops on Sunday to show high school students what being an art major in college is all about.

When crafting the WIU Art Camp organizers aimed to keep students academically engaged in finding new hobbies while also exploring a potential future.

“It’s important so that people can have other hobbies to do, because finding something they can be relaxing and stress free is fun because art can really be whatever you really want it to be, it doesn’t have to be always perfect,” camper Taylor Roberts said.

Campers like Roberts said they are excited to get the on-campus, in college experience and find out what life as a WIU Leatherneck is like.

After being forced to go virtual last year due to COVID-19, the camp is back to in-person and is hosting students in the dorms.

The registration was capped out at 13 campers to ensure that each individual would have the opportunity to get one-on-one instruction by each professor.

“Everything that they do is hands on. You have a lot of kids coming that they’ve never had experience working at a ceramic wheel, in a welding shop and so they are basically starting from scratch as far as a skill set goes,” WIU Study Abroad and Outreach Program Assistant Sally Adams said.

Adams said these camps are more important than just teaching, they’re about building relationships.

“If you had a larger number of students, you would not get to know the instructors as well as you do in a smaller group,” Adams said.

The camp is providing experiences in specialty art studies like ceramics, metal work and painting.

Campers are set to continue hands on experiences with professors and councilors through the end of the week.

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