Workers stress driving safely through work zones

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 9:14 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Summer road work is in full swing and local workers are warning drivers that they need to slow down around work zones.

Missouri Department of Transportation officials said they want drivers to be aware of road work in their area before they even leave their homes.

Summer is the busiest time of year for road work which means the chances of workers getting injured is higher.

Officials said that slowing down, being aware of construction signs, and being cautious around the work zones will help keep the workers safe.

“You know there’s just a lot of distractions out there. So just please stay focused on your job of driving. Pay attention to the signs. Pay atention to the workers if they’re giving you directions to stop, slow down, change lanes, whatever the case might be. Try to be sure you’re looking out for them, but also looking out for your own saftey as well,” said Kevin James, the Missouri Department of Transportation Northeast Assistant Director.

James also said that there are many ways for drivers to become aware of work zones near them.

“The warnings we put out whether it’s just our orange and black construction signs. On some routes we use changeable message signs that talk more about what type of work in advance were doing. So really just trying to make sure people get that information out,” said James.

Workers on one of work sites said it does not take very much to put their lives at risk.

“We happened to have one motorist that just blew right through the signs and blew right by one of the flagman. Very easily could have injured himself, injured the flagman, injured any of the people in the work zone. It don’t take but a heart beat for anyone to get seriously hurt or killed,” said Brent Weisborn, a maintenance worker in Shelbina for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

James Land, the Missouri Department of Transportation leader at the Shelbina site said they are consistently putting up signs around their construction sites to better protect themselves.

“There’s a sign that we actually put up. Its a 250 dollar fine for speeding in work zones. We usual lower the speed limit down to 55 and if they’re going over that it’s at least 250,” said Land.

You can also download the Missouri Department of Transportation app or go on their website at for future updates and alternative routes for road closures.

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