Speculation of lower turnout for Missouri primaries

Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 8:08 PM CDT
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PALMYRA, Missouri (WGEM) - The Missouri Primary Election is this coming Tuesday, Aug. 2.

At Marion County Courthouse, workers have been preparing for next week’s election by training election judges and stocking up on polling supplies like ballots, paper, pencils and voting machines.

Marion County Clerk Valerie Dornberger said there’s already been fewer people voting through the mail this year compared to the election four years ago.

She said as of now, she’s not expecting a big turn out at the in-person polls on Tuesday.

“We go back four years ago and check and see, I’m expecting maybe a 20-25% turn out for next week,” said Dornberger, “If we get more than that, that’d be great but our absentee balloting at this time is pretty low, and that’s usually an indication of how voting is going to go on election day.”

But she thinks that turning up to the polls next week is important for the Marion County Community.

“A lot of the local races are going to be on and a lot of them are unopposed in November, so a lot of the races will be selected at the primary of who’s going to be in charge of different offices throughout the county, so that’s important,” Dornbereger said. “And then of course selecting party candidates for senate and other offices at the state level is important.”

Dornberger said that if you live in Marion County and are unsure if you’re registered to vote, you can call the courthouse to confirm your voting status.

Click the link for Voter Information: Missouri Primary Election 2022

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