Lewis County health officials evaluate county needs

Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 5:34 PM CDT
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LEWIS COUNTY, MISSOURI (WGEM) - If you live in Lewis County health officials asked that you take a health assessment.

The health assessment consists of 40 questions about your health and the health of people within your community.

The assessment asks questions like, “How would you rate the health of Lewis County,” or “Do you have to travel out of Lewis County to exercise?”

Health officials said by residents answering these questions they’ll be able to better help the health of the county going forward.

“We are looking to see the opinions of the respondents in terms of what they see as health disparities in the county and if those are health disparities that they see, what would they like to see implemented to elevate those disparities in Lewis County,” said Haleigh Jones Lewis County Health Department Summer Intern.

Jones said the assessment results will give them ideas for health solutions. From there, they can give those ideas to the county to try and elevate any health problems within the county.

Health officials said they’re hoping to especially hear from rural families to see how they can help them too.

“Of course there’s always the challenge to seeing specialties, such as cardiology or orthopedics and having to travel a long distance,” said Kelly Rife with the Blessing Convenient Care Clinic in Canton. “So travel is always a problem for rural areas.”

The health assessment does not currently have an end date and remains anonymous for all who fill it out.

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