Housing summit looks to address housing crisis

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 4:25 AM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Local aid organizations are set to come together next month to find ways to bring more affordable housing to the tri-states.

NECAC officials said those that attend the Tri-States Affordable Housing Summit have been looking for solutions to the area’s affordable housing problems since it began in 2005.

Public relations officer Brent Engel says the goal is to bring together the public and private sectors to find ways to develop better housing whether that’s homes or apartments.

He said a lack of affordable housing doesn’t just hurt those looking for shelter, it can also prevent towns from growing economically.

“When companies look at areas to expand or build they’re looking at infrastructure, they’re looking at amenities and you can have all the infrastructure and amenities that you want but if you don’t have housing, those companies are going to keep driving down the road until they find a community that does,” Engel said.

Two Rivers Regional Council of Official Program Specialist Elaine Davis said she talks to people every day who can’t find affordable housing.

She said September’s Tri-State Housing Summit is a chance to explore solutions to a very pressing problem.

She said the situation in Quincy has been bad but recent events have only made it worse, including the closing of the Welcome Inn.

“A lot of people lost their housing then, I think that’s begun to spiral and since then we’ve been through the crisis of where you know there is evictions now,” Davis said.

Davis said Quincy alone needs anywhere between 50 to 60 new units to meet the need that they’re seeing.

Engel said the summit attracts a wide variety of partners, including government agency representatives, land lords, construction companies and developers from all three states.

The summit is September 8th from 9am to noon in the Rialto Banquet Hall in Hannibal.

If you are interested in attending, call NECAC at 573-324-2231 to inquire.

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