Hannibal food pantry serving more people, asking for donations

Published: Aug. 25, 2022 at 9:22 PM CDT
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HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) - A Tri-State food pantry is at risk of being run dry as more and more people need food.

In May, the Salvation Army Food Pantry served 73 people. That number rose to 91 people in June and 115 people in July. Family Caseworker Amanda Bowen said as of Aug. 25 they have served 108 people.

Clients can get free food at their pantry every 30 days.

“It doesn’t make me feel bad about myself that I need to come over here and get some help,” said Hannibal resident Brittany Butler.

Butler has four mouths to feed, but recently lost her job so she started going to the pantry.

“We came in right over, filled out some paperwork, and we just got our cart right then and there. It was pretty exciting and a relief,” Butler said.

Because of the rising need, the Salvation Army is seeing less food on the shelves.

Bowen said many residents are struggling with inflation and their kids can’t get free meals at the school district.

“There’s a lot of agencies that were able to do free lunches for kids during the summer and our school district had been offering free lunches and breakfast, and that’s ending,” Bowen said. “This year they did not receive the grant so that all children would be able to be fed free breakfast and lunches.”

To keep helping people like Butler, the pantry is in need of food donations. They also need can openers and paper plates as Bowen said some homeless people don’t have utensils they need to eat. The item they need the most is fresh meat.

“Feed your neighbor. You are feeding the community. Everyone who walks in the door is your neighbor,” Bowen said.

The Riedel Foundation gave the Salvation Army a $2,500 grant to stock the shelves for the next few weeks. Bowen said they also get help from the United Way and other local agencies.

Bowen said if you want to make a donation all food needs to be sealed in store packaging.

They are located at 200 Steamboat Bend Shopping Center.

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