Brass era cars make a pit stop at Keokuk riverfront

Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 6:42 PM CDT
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KEOKUK (WGEM) - You may have seen a line of brass era cars driving on the streets of Keokuk today.

The Red Flag Horseless Carriage Tour stopped by the riverfront for some lunch today.

The group travels around the Tri-State area in retro vehicles.

While they avoid four lane highways and interstates, Co-President Mark Hempen said they are certain to hit cities in southeast Iowa.

He said the group tries to highlight the cultural and economic difference of different Iowa towns.

“We love to inspire people to enjoy the history of automobiles and that’s one unique way that we can show people what we’ve got here and also to give the people in this area something to look at when the cars drive by they really enjoy watching it,” said Hempen.

After their lunch on the riverfront, the brass era car crew headed to the Keokuk National Cemetery for a quick tour.

Hempen said the brass cars will be heading on another tour this Saturday.

They’ll be exploring parts of New London and Brighton.

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