Quincy Housing Authority hosting tenant workshops

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 4:24 AM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - The Quincy Housing Authority is holding a series of tenant workshops throughout the month.

Held at the First Baptist Church, organizer said they will teach those either looking for housing or apartments or current renters, skills and tips to help them when living in their apartments.

Quincy Housing Authority executive director Jerry Gille said the idea for this workshop came about while discussing affordable housing and bringing a rental inspection ordinance to Quincy. He said they heard feedback from landlords about tenants and they decided to create a workshop to help tenants be more successful in a renting situation.

“We’re gonna discuss healthy homes which is essentially gonna be a conversation about proper sanitary housekeeping and how to clean your apartment, keep your apartment in good order and again we related to being consistent and with the lease that maybe out there,” Gille said.

Other items that will be discussed include managing money to pay bills and rent, cooking on a budget and how to navigate city hall when reaching out for assistance.

He said these skills can help tenants in the long run as things like keeping your apartment clean can help leave a positive impact on the landlord. He said they are also wanting to help tenants with being financially responsible and paying their rent on time.

“Someone has a job, they get paid twice a month,” Gille said. “Maybe that second check comes in a week, a week and a half before rent is due. We see people all the time spend that particular check on something else then rent is due on the first and they don’t get paid until a week after that.”

He said that practice can impact a renters history and make landlords less likely to rent out to them if they know they have a history of late payments or if they keep their apartment in poor condition. He said while there are landlords that might not run background checks, but that could mean those types of housing might not be of the best quality.

Gille said while space in their fall workshop is full, they are looking to do one in the spring, and people can start calling to inquire about it. You can either call the First Baptist Church at (217) 223-4468 or email them at firstbaptistchurch@fbcqcy.org or call the Quincy Housing Authority at (217) 222-0720 or email them at qcyhous@adams.net

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