New Quincy Regional Airport Director, travelers express what they’d like to see change

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 10:44 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Travelers out of the Quincy Regional Airport said it would take seeing more reliable service at the airport for them to book more flights.

“I live actually in Portland, Oregon, so I have been traveling a long time to get here. Multiple stops through Denver, Chicago and finally Quincy,” Doug Winandy said.

He said as a traveler, it’s important for him to have service he knows will be consistent.

“I have had issues with flights being delayed or flights being canceled,” Winandy said. One issue with these smaller planes is you have weight limits. We had it where we’ve left but our luggage did not.”

The City of Quincy has welcomed a new airport director, Chuck Miller, who has a vision for what he’d like to see happen at the airport.

Miller said they’re working to solve the issue of reliable service and he has ideas on more ways the airport can expand.

Miller said with his 24 years of experience as an airport director and service in the air force, one of his goals is to see so many people utilizing this regional airport that they have to add flights and get bigger planes.

“They’ll save time and money once we have a reliable carrier and we’ve got a schedule that they depend on,” Miller said.

He said once the federal Department of Transportation chooses which airline will service this airport, he’d like to focus on business development.

“We have so much potential at this airport, both the airport, the community, the land we’ve got available here,” Miller said. “We could be doing a whole lot more at Quincy than we are right now.”

Miller said businesses like shops and other large companies like UPS, FedEx and Amazon.

“I mean think about it, if we approach one of them and we say hey, UPS, if you were to design the ideal cargo facility, what would it look like,” Miller said. “Access to rail, water, air. Have I got a deal for you?”

Winandy said having a service he can count on, that doesn’t get canceled and is on time, would encourage him to book more flights through here.

“I would because our alternative would either be flying into Chicago, take a train or rent a car. It’s a five hour drive. After a long flight, that’s a long drive,” Winandy said.

Miller said the immediate next step is waiting for the federal department of transportation on whether they will accept the city’s recommendation to change from Cape Air, the airline company that currently services the airport, to Southern Airways Express.

The Quincy Regional Airport is part of the Federal Essential Air Service program, which guarantees small communities can be served by airlines.

The current provider filed a notice back in May to stop its service in Quincy.

In August, the Quincy City Council voted to have Southern Airways Express out of Palm Beach, Florida service the airport instead.

They claim to have a 99.3% completion rate of reliability.

The city is still waiting to here back from DOT’s approval of Southern Airways Express.


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