Ralls County teacher wins Golden Apple

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Updated: Oct. 27, 2022 at 6:20 PM CDT
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CENTER, Mo. (WGEM) - Ralls County Elementary School teacher Molly Williams was awarded the October WGEM Golden Apple Award.

Williams said she knew after her time as an aid in a special education classroom in high school, it’s where she wanted to be.

“Just to see their progress and growth whether it’s academic or behaviorally, to help them overcome any challenges,” Williams said.

Other members of the district’s special education department said Williams has a talent for meeting each child’s needs, from academic to social and emotional.

“She comes up with great strategies to work with some of these kids, she gets down on their level, she stays calm, she stays focused, and is always coming up with new ideas,” elementary paraprofessional Meagen Mallory said.

“When we have students who are having a tough time, she is right there, her and Aurora are there to comfort them when they need to be. And like I said, she knows what they need and she is able to give them that space or meet them where they are at, at that time to help them regroup,” elementary teacher Ashlee Barnhill said.

Aurora is an integral part of Williams’ classroom. The specially trained canine can pinpoint kids with high blood pressure and help ease their stress.

“If you were to hear a jingle in the hallway, it’s like they are trying to look around the corner. Is that Aurora? It’s just the cutest to watch how they are building such close relationships with her,” Williams said.

With Aurora by her side, Williams is helping her students succeed.

“She meets kids where they are at and progresses them forward in every way possible,” district special education director Ellen Britt said.

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