Quincy street work to increase next week

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 4:47 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Despite the near record cold weather Friday morning, crews with Quincy Central Services were out and about clearing leaves from city streets.

Crews went street by street plowing the leaves into piles to be picked up and hauled away.

Quincy Central Services Director Kevin McClean said the leaf removal work is important in order to keep the sewer lines clear and the streets safe.

“They will plug the sewer lines and it ends up causing backups and stuff like that, so we try to keep the grates clean. That way, if it does rain, the water goes down in there like it’s supposed to and doesn’t flood the city streets causing issues when its cold with icing and stuff like that,” McClean said.

He said leaf removal will continue over the next couple of weeks as necessary.

One thing that will increase starting next week however, is pothole repair.

McClean said the cold weather has prevented some pothole work over the past week, but warmer and dry weather ahead means crews will return to work.

“This week, with the snow and how wet it was, we didn’t hardly run anything at all when it comes to potholes. The patch truck will be out on Monday, and we’ll do it for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,” McClean said.

Crews will be off Thursday and Friday for the holiday and will return the following week.

McClean said there is a list of potholes called in from concerned residents that crews will work on first before surveying the city in a grid pattern to find more problematic areas.

He said pothole repair work will continue through the winter with a cold patching technique as necessary, as long as the weather stays dry.

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