Hannibal Fire Department exercises their firefighting skills

Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 5:21 PM CST
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HANNIBAL (WGEM) - With the winter months ahead comes the annual return of an increased risk and occurrence of house fires.

To help prepare for the season ahead, the Hannibal Fire Department held a live fire training exercise outside Station 3 Monday morning.

Hannibal Fire Department Training Officer and Public Education Coordinator Mark Kempker said crews wanted to take advantage of the warm spell this week to help sharpen their skills before the next fire.

“It gives us an opportunity to get our crews out. We practiced pumping on our trucks, command, and also fire attack and search and rescue. That way when the call comes in, we’re ready to go,” said Kempker.

He said firefighter training is just like training for a sport.

Kempker said developing that muscle memory and sharpening skills will help keep firefighters and the community safe.

“By training on it, knowing our equipment, being better at our job, it’s going to be good for everybody in the community. At two in the morning, you don’t want us to be practicing. You want us to be on our game. And that’s what we’re doing here today, we’re practicing our A game,” said Kempker.

Preparedness is not just for firefighters though.

Kempker said being prepared is a community effort, and he encourages everyone to routinely check their smoke detectors and to discuss and practice a family evacuation plan.

The rest of the Hannibal Fire Department will continue training through the end of the week.

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