Adams County board members sworn in, board elects chairman

Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 11:27 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - The Adams County Board met Monday night for the first time this term. They appointed a chairman, vice-chairman and swore in members.

Kent Snider was unanimously nominated as chairman and will serve a 2-year term.

He has already served for more than 18 years on the Adams County Board.

Brett Austin was also re-elected as vice-chairman with 11 out of the 21 votes for 4 years. Joe Zanger received the other 10 votes.

”I want to finish the ARPA stuff we started, especially the housing project that we’re starting that’s extremely important to all the manufacturers in our area and all business and finish 48th street,” Snider said.

Each board member also received their committee assignment and terms.

  • Executive Committee:
    • Kent Snider (2 years), Bret Austin, Dave Bellis, Barb Fletcher and Bob Reich (2 years)
  • Finance Committee:
    • Bret Austin (4 years), Travis Cooley (4 years), Tim Finlay (4 years), Brad Poulter (4 years), and Keith Callaway (4 years)
  • Legislative and Judicial Committee:
    • Theresa Bockhold (4 years), Jon McCoy (4 years), Marvin Kerkhoff (4 years) and Todd Duesterhaus (2 years)
  • Public Health and Safety Committee:
    • Barb Fletcher (4 years), Brent Fischer (2 years), Mark Sorenson (2 years), Mark Dietrich (4 years) and Steve McQueen (4 years)
  • Transportation Building and Technology:
    • Dave Bellis (2 years), Les Post (4 years), Dave McCleary (2 years), Ryan Hinkamper (4 years) and Joe Zanger (4 years)

Their first official county board meeting with be Tuesday, Dec. 13.

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