City of Palmyra to change stormwater project plans

Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 9:27 PM CST
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PALMYRA, Mo. (WGEM) - Many residents in Palmyra, Missouri have had their houses flooded or flower beds washed away due to a failing stormwater system, but the city has been working to fix it.

Monday night, they held a public hearing with property owners who would be impacted by the first phase of the project.

Gayle Hurst owns a rental property on Bailey Street and she said the yard has flooded many times.

“I’ve seen the water come rushing down, even off of Bailey and run between, which would be our deck and the garage,” Hurst said. “It runs down that ditch on the backside of that property.”

It’s all due to a failing stormwater system which includes areas on the east side of Main Street. The city plans to re-do it with help from Klingner and Associates.

“The project is gonna require some easements from some property owners in town,” said Street Commissioner Austen Dornberger. “Tonight was kind of to explain the project to the property owners and see if they would be willing to sign easements for us to do the work.”

Some property owners said they won’t sign an easement to allow the city to use or enter their property. City officials said in the plans, a shed and some trees would need to be taken down.

Dornberger said they now have to make changes to their construction plans.

“Kinda re-evaluate the project and see if there is anything we can do differently,” Dornberger said. “We will take suggestions from the property owners to maybe suit the project better to the property owners in the area.”

Although Hurst said the city has been working towards replacements since 2004, she still has hope.

“I would like to see it move forward,” Hurst said.

Dornberger said the project can not move forward without easements from all property owners who are affected. He said city leaders will have to meet again to discuss other construction plans.

There is no timeframe for the project to be completed.

The first phase of the project around Bailey Street will cost $220,000. The city’s stormwater fund and American Rescue Plan Act Money will help pay for the project.

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