Salvation Army: more people using food pantry

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 5:01 AM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - As the 38th annual WGEM Bucket Blitz for the Salvation Army enters its second day, organizers say they’re hoping to raise donations to keep families fed.

Salvation Army Regional Social Services Director Heidi Welty said more people are coming to the food pantry for help as food prices continue to rise. She said they are getting support from food banks, grocery stores, and donations from the community but the increased demand means they have to be mindful of their inventory.

“You just have to pay attention and it looks full but when you think about the amount of people coming in, it’s a lot of groceries going out in a days time,” Welty said.

She said they work to stay on top of their inventory to avoid running low, and she said the generous contributions from the Quincy community allows them to continue to help them.

Major Shelley McClintock said during the holidays, they see more families utilize their food pantry.

“We’re also going to be providing over 1400 food boxes at Christmas time this year,” she said. “We value each food box around $50 so when you multiply that out, that’s a lot of money that people have donated and food that we’ve had to purchase that’s going to go to families in need for Christmas,” McClintock said.

Welty said the WGEM Bucket Blitz helps provide those extra funds they need to ensure they can continue providing food to those who need it.

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