First-ever property to be completely protected as a landmark in Quincy

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 9:59 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Out of the 110 designated landmarks in Quincy, it was brought to the preservation commission’s attention that one property is completely protected. A unique issue commissioners said they haven’t seen before.

Quincy Assistant Planning Director Jason Parrott said in most cases only five to 10 features on a property are protected.

In this case, the entire exterior of 1636 Hampshire is protected.

This means the homeowner can’t do anything to change its exterior without their permission.

That includes, but is not limited to, work on features like the roof, windows, porch and color of the property.

“For the carriage house, the entire property is considered a protected feature. That’s something that’s just too much of a burden for a homeowner. Really any exterior work he wants to do, he would have to come before the preservation commission,” Parrott said. “That’s too much of a burden.”

City staff realized the issue after reviewing a Quincy ordinance from when the piece of land was originally subdivided.

Tuesday night, they discussed feasible ways to lessen that burden like removing its landmark status and if the homeowner chooses to have it designated again, they can do that.

That process would start in January.

Parrott said they’re always looking for the preservation commission is always looking for new properties to landmark.

He said you can contact them at 217-228-4515 if you have a property you think is historic in nature and you would like to see it preserved in the future.

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