Pittsfield bridge posing safety concerns to be replaced

Maysville Bridge
Maysville Bridge(WGEM)
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 6:01 PM CST
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PITTSFIELD, IL (WGEM) - The city of Pittsfield is looking into replacing a bridge that has caused safety concerns for residents living nearby.

The Maysville Bridge sits on the north side of town just off of Jackson Street.

City officials and residents living by the bridge said it’s an inconvenience and a safety concern.

Mayor Gary Mendenhall said the city will be replacing the bridge in the spring or summer.

“It’s something that’s needed replacing for the last several years,” Mendenhall said. “And it’s come to the point where we have to do it.”

Mendenhall said the replacement bridge will be able to carry significantly more weight than the 10 tons it can carry now, at an 180,000 lb. rate.

The city’s economic developer Ed Knight said this means the bridge can hold larger vehicles than it can now, such as trucks.

“We’ve been working with IDOT and our engineers in making sure we get the proper support system,” Knight said.

Bobby Stout is a resident who lives right beside the bridge and uses it daily.

“It’s kind of an old rickety bridge,” Stout said. “For me it’s not a big deal, but it is kind of narrow.”

Stout said he still has his concerns about the width of the bridge since only one vehicle can drive on it at a time.

“You have to pull over the side into the grass [if another car is using it at the same time],” he said. “So in the winter, you have to worry about sliding off into the snow and getting stuck in the ditch.”

Mendenhall said the replacement will cost $300,000 from the city’s general revenue fund.

“We’ve been working with IDOT and our engineers in making sure we get the proper support system,” Mendenhall said.

Mendenhall said they plan to start construction in the spring or summer and have everything wrapped up in the fall.

Next month they will hire a contractor.

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