Snow impacts road conditions across Tri-States

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 5:50 AM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Widespread snow across the Tri-States late Tuesday night into Wednesday, caused slick roads and forced some schools to close.

The MoDOT traveler map showed both lanes of Route A and Route H closed just after midnight on Wednesday. Officials said the roads are curvy and hilly and advised drivers to stay on major roads.

Lee County sheriff Stacy Weber said one crash was reported early Wednesday near Weaver. He said most drivers were traveling 15 miles under the speed limit as needed.

He advised drivers to leave early, take it slow and put space between other cars. He said if you do get into an accident, call 911 and put your flashers on.

Quincy Central Services Director Kevin McClean said the snow didn’t stick too much overnight, so main roads were in pretty good shape early Wednesday.

He said drivers should use extra caution on side roads, and when coming to a stop.

McClean said crews are running all the routes and will be out until they roads are clear.

MoDOT Engineer Jeff Kroner said all available MoDOT plow crews were out, looking to get major roads back to normal conditions. He said once that happens, they will turn their attention to secondary roads.

Kroner said drivers should give themselves some extra time for their commute, drive defensively and give plow drivers plenty of space.

WGEM’s StromTrak Weather, Meteorologist Whitney Williams said that the snowfall should last until noon on Wednesday. Until then, she said to drive safe, give yourself enough time in the morning and clear off your headlights.

“Through the rest of the day, even though the widespread snow will be done, some light spotty snow showers will be possible. As daytime high rise into the mid-30s, a few spotty light rain/snow showers will be possible as well. Mid-30-degree temperatures will help mitigate impacts on the roads,” said Williams.

Information on Tri-State closings is listed here.

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