Tabled city code revisited and approved, could affect new home builders

Published: Jan. 30, 2023 at 10:59 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) - Quincy aldermen made a decision to update the city’s code.

You might remember back in November, they tabled an ordinance to not require new homes to have sprinkler systems, fire protection floors and other fire safety measures.

Monday night, nine aldermen voted in favor of bringing the city’s 2006 codes up to 2018 standards.

The city inspection director Mike Seaver said the modern code recognizes technology like solar, which didn’t have provisions under the former codes.

The 4th Ward Aldermen Mike Farha and two others voted against the resolution. Two other aldermen were absent.

”We’re glad to have those codes finally updated. The city has been on the 2006 codes since about 2008. This is the longest time in the last 80 years, the city’s gone this long without updating codes,” Seaver said. “We’re sadly behind the rest of the state with our code adoption. So this gets us current and going forward we hope to stay on more regular schedule of updating codes.”

“We’re not building a lot of houses right now. The sprinklering, the regulations and the overall cost, I’m just under the opinion that people can make a better decision than government,” Farha said. “So it’s consistent with who I am and what I do.”

Seaver said the ordinance will take effect on May 1. He said it coincides with the start of the city’s fiscal year, to allow builders, designers and supply houses to make any changes needed to comply with code in their future projects.


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