Missouri’s Recreational marijuana law goes into effect ahead of schedule

Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 5:47 PM CST
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HANNIBAL (WGEM) - Missouri cannabis dispensaries are now selling recreational marijuana as of Friday.

The law was passed in the last November election. The state had initially announced that the sale to nonmedical clients would kick off on Feb. 6. Instead, it kicked off on Friday, Feb. 3.

Word got out that one NEMO dispensary in Hannibal was selling marijuana recreationally.

“We just found out today at 11 a.m. that we got our license,” said COCO store manager Kollin Kapfer. “People have been calling, people have been coming down, and we have been taking recreational sales.”

Kapfer said they expect to see a major uptick in sales with a whole new clientele to serve.

Kapfer said starting next week, COCO will be extending their store hours.

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