‘I thought I was dreaming’: Boulder crashes into home, misses couple sleeping

A resident in Hawaii says a boulder the size of a washing machine crashed into his home. (Source: KHNL)
Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 7:17 PM CST
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HONOLULU (KHNL/Gray News) - A homeowner in Hawaii says a boulder crashed into his home where he and his wife were sleeping this week.

KHNL reports the large rock knocked over a portion of a retaining wall before slamming into the home on Wednesday.

Homeowner Tyler Ramelb said the boulder landed just a couple of feet from where he and his wife were sleeping.

“I heard a loud boom,” he said. “I thought I was dreaming or something.”

Ramelb said that after heavy rains in the area, he noticed water coming down from a reservoir above his home in January. But it is currently unclear if that could be related to the rock fall.

“I’m just trying to put the pieces together,” Ramelb said. “There’s just so many things that go through your mind. We’re just really fortunate.”

According to Ramelb, he has reached out to the Department of Water Supply on what to do next.

Wednesday’s incident comes after two previous rock-related incidents in the area.

Over the weekend, several boulders slid from a mountain slope to the right of Kamehameha Highway near Waimea Bay and two weeks ago a boulder crashed into a Palolo Valley home, narrowly missing a woman inside.