Republicans nominate Reed for 6th Ward alderman candidate

Published: Feb. 28, 2023 at 7:54 PM CST
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QUINCY (WGEM) – Quincy Republicans in Ward 6 nominated Jake Reed as their candidate for alderman of the ward.

Reed beat out Natalie Thompson in Tuesday’s consolidated primary election by a vote of 205 to 96, respectively, according to the Adams County Clerk’s Office.

”I ended up running for alderman because I wanted to get involved locally with politics, especially after my daughter was born, so I jumped in and met a good group of people, the republican party and everybody and they have guided me since then,” Reed said.

Reed said residents in his ward have expressed their concerns with the infrastructure they’d like to see addressed, like alleys, streets and sidewalks.

He said his next step is to hear more from both democrats and republicans in his ward to see what he can do to meet their needs.

“Since I was running in the republican primary, I mainly knocked on republican’s doors. So I heard what they had to say,” Reed said. “But once I get out there more and knock on some doors of the people in the middle, knock on some democrats’ doors and really just focus and get a broader aspect of what everyone wants.”

Reed will face Democrat Patty Maples during the general election on April 4.

Maples was appointed to the position in May after Katie Awerkamp resigned.

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