Quincy University to have new degree programs

Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 6:56 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - In an effort to get local students into more technical fields, Quincy University has announced they will be offering two new majors.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering degrees will officially launch in the Fall of 2024.

The new degree programs will prepare students for fields like automation, electronics testing and manufacturing.

Quincy University President Brian McGee said this announcement comes after many current students and other visiting students express their desire to pursue this career path.

“Every year we have a very large number of students ask about engineering at QU and we have to tell them QU doesn’t currently offer engineering programs,” McGee said. “When the number one most likely program for a student to ask about that we don’t offer is engineering and we certainly pay attention.”

McGee said not only are they listening to students requests on offering these new courses, but are also partnering with local organizations to get workers into the field.

“These are great majors,” McGee said. “They provide for wonderful career opportunities and if a student is inclined in that direction we certainly should be thinking about offering those programs if so many people have expressed interest.”

The university is working closely with regional industries like Knapheide Manufacturing and DOT Foods.

“We’re always looking for local talent I mean we’re short technical expertise across the country its hard to recruit sometimes into Quincy so having that ability and the curriculum here in the city is really great for the local companies, it’s great for us if we can retain people in the region,” Knapheide Manufacturing President of Engineering Chris Weiss said.

The two new majors will be housed on QU’s North Campus.

QU officials said renovations to classrooms will need to take place in order to adequately conduct these classes and these updates will come when the university starts conducting the courses.

Funding for the development comes from philanthropic support.

Local high schools will soon be receiving information regarding the new programs. Students interested in an engineering degree are encouraged to start and complete some of the required prerequisites.

For more information about their offered degree programs, you can go to the Quincy University website.

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