Quincy City Council approves license plate reader contract

Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 9:16 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - The Quincy City Council unanimously approved Quincy Police Department to enter into a two year agreement with Flock, the company that will supply the readers

Chief Adam Yates said the readers will primarily be placed at common entry and exit points of Quincy, as well as throughout the city.

If a vehicle comes into the city and it’s wanted or stolen, or if someone commits a crime in the city and flees, police will better be able to search for the vehicle.

Yates said data from the readers are stored in a system that only QPD can access.

He said they should provide leads in investigations, and could help locate amber and silver alert vehicles when needed.

“So our officers instead of just driving around and hoping to find a vehicle that say was involved in a shooting in Hannibal, we will now know when a plate is listed in NCIC, when it goes past the license plate readers at RJ Peters and Highway 57, we’ll now know that that vehicle’s in our jurisdiction,” Yates said.

The estimated cost of the contract with Flock is a little more than $117,000.

Yates said the readers will assist QPD in investigations.

Long term, he hopes to see them deter crime from ever coming into the city.

Yates said his goal is to have all readers installed before summer, hopefully in the next six to eight weeks.


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